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Who are we ?


The Atelier9

Created in 2011, the Atelier9 is specialized in the renovation and repair of prestige and classic cars, especially Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati. Located in the heart of Eguisheim, favourite French village in 2013, the Atelier9 is not a flashy showroom, but a passionate’s workshop that is a great place for mechanics.
The skills of the Atelier9 range from routine maintenance to complete restoration, with the highest quality jointly with the best artisans of the region. All this, in order to perpetuate or make revive your vehicle.

Didier Meyer

The discovery of the mechanical

Attracted since childhood by the mechanics and cars, Didier has restored his first car, a 1972 2CV during his biology studies. Then he swapped the scalpel for a wrench. Will ensue studies in mechanical.

A vast experience

After his studies, Didier has totally immersed in the automotive world, as a mechanic for six years, then as automotive expert again for six years, and for five years he was foreman in a garage. With all these experiences, he has gained extensive knowledge of mechanics, in 2011, he created the Atelier9.

A passion: the automobile

Didier is a true classic car enthusiast; he is involved in associations including the Club Porsche France 928 which he is the North East representative and the association Colmar Auto Retro. He regularly participates in the classic sports and prestige cars events such as Le Mans Classic, the Tour du Mont -Blanc, etc.

Didier Meyer